2010, Quilted, 120x150 cm, mixed media

2010, Quilted, 120×150 cm, mixed media
Inventory Group Exhibition
Sanatorium Gallery
27 November – 25 December 2010

In its last exhibition of 2010, Sanatorium presents works of artists, who focus on the state culture and its reflections on our lives, under the title “Inventory”. When was it that we noticed the Inventory list for the first time? Was it at primary school when we went to the trash bin for sharpening our pencils in order to discharge some of our energy that has been squashed into the benches? The bizarrely framed broadsheet that caught our eyes while we made the rest of the class laugh, watching out the teacher for not being rebuked… Was it at that time that this Kafkaesque universe where the Inventory list is part of the inventory itself puzzled us? Or at the time when the list caught our eyes while waiting in line at public offices in front of the fragile creatures called ‘public officers’ who are ready to get annoyed all the time and once they are annoyed there is nothing else to be heard than: “No sir, no way!”, “How can I initial the document without this signature?”, “It cannot be signed by anyone else but Mr. Director.” And when did we notice that the inventory does not only consist of furniture and supplies but also of those who use them? Sanatorium’s exhibition “Inventory” brings together artists, who realized that their first astonishment concerning the inventory stocks transformed into shivers and who decided to convey these feelings into their field of struggle, and stands against the inventory lists with its own list. The “Inventory” exhibition which will take place at Sanatorium Art Initiative between 27 November – 25 December 2010 includes Works of Can Ertaş, Erol Eskici, Feza Velicangil, Gençay Aytekin, Guido Casaretto, Tunca Subaşı, and Zeyno Pekünlü.

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