For What?


2010, As I remember, 160x280 cm, acrylic on leather

2010, As I remember, 160×280 cm, acrylic on leather
For What?
Sanatorium Gallery
06 July – 15 September 2010

For What?” exhibition is the result of an attempt to trigger the basic impulse which underlies our present and future works following the questions which we have directed to ourselves in order to refresh our memory. The answers that we want to reach are not concerned with the end results but rather with the processes which create them. More precisely, they are reflections of the creation process itself along with the inner forces that encourage us and push us to the resulting condition. Furthermore, they are not only related to the impulse to create art, but also to the concern of making this process more effective by using art’s influence and force of transformation. “For What?” gives the opportunity to perceive the reasons for creating our works instead of defining them. In this context, our concerns during the creation process make more sense than the works in the exhibition. The exhibition including works of the artists, Can Ertaş, Guido Casaretto, Koray Ekremoğlu, and Tunca Subaşı, will be open until the end of the summer at Sanatorium Art Initiative Contemporary Art Gallery.

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